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The Coaching Process

  • The church explores with Cities on Hilltops whether the church is a potential candidate for the Cities on Hilltops coaching process. This includes a conversation between the senior pastor of the church and a Cities on Hilltops coach.
  • A Cities on Hilltops team conducts a two- to three-day on-site Assessment Visit. The purpose of this visit is for the team to assess the needs of the church, and for the church leaders to assess the Cities on Hilltops team, and for both to determine if they wish to form a working partnership. This visit includes individual conversations with staff and key leaders and concludes with a 2 to 2½ hour meeting with the church's leadership team in which the Cities on Hilltops team presents its observations and recommends a coaching process, customized to the identified needs of the church.
  • Cities on Hilltops will prepare a written proposal for the first year of a coaching relationship.
  • Your proposal will include will include some combination of the following:
    • The church commits to form an implementation team to focus on prioritizing and facilitating action steps growing out of the coaching process. Cities on Hilltops will provide detailed instructions on the selection of this team and will train the team for its work. The senior pastor and the leader of this team will be the two primary contact points between the church and Cities on Hilltops.
    • We may recommend that you take the Natural Church Development survey, the most widely used tool to measure church health. This measures the church�s health in eight areas that have been demonstrated to be essential to healthy church growth. Your coach will advise on whether this would be helpful in your situation.
    • Cities on Hilltops will make multiple site visits to the church during the first year of coaching. During these visits, your coach or coaches may:
      • Have individual coaching sessions with staff members.
      • Observe ministry and provide coaching to ministry leaders and teams.
      • Work with your implementation team.
      • Work with your governing board.
      • Conduct workshops in areas specific to your situation.
      • Lead a training retreat for ministry leaders.
      • Lead an all-church retreat.
      • Facilitate conflict resolution between individuals or groups.
    • You will have unlimited phone and email coaching for your pastor, implementation team chair, and certain other leaders throughout the year.
    • A team from your church may visit a church that is already living out the Cities on Hilltops values.
    • As the end of the coaching year approaches, at your request Cities on Hilltops will prepare a proposal for a second year of coaching, reflecting the needs of the congregation for the next phase of your implementation process. Coaching can be renewed yearly so long as both the church and Cities on Hilltops wish to continue.

Fees and grants

We believe it is important that the urban church, however limited its resources, make a significant (for them) investment in the coaching. This investment makes it much more likely that leaders will actually implement what they learn during the coaching process.

At the same time, most low-income churches will not be able to cover the full cost of the coaching on their own. In such cases, we will work with the churches to facilitate partnerships to cover the cost of the consulting.

  • For church plants or multi-site churches, we suggest that two-thirds of the cost be covered by the mother church(es) or sponsoring denominational conferences.
  • Some denominational churches may qualify for matching grant funds from the denominational conference or a denominational agency dealing with urban ministry.
  • When resources from the mother church or denomination are unavailable or inadequate, Cities on Hilltops will accept applications for grants through the Cities on Hilltops matching grant program as funds are available.

If your church is genuinely interested in committing to a coaching process based on the Cities on Hilltops core values, we will customize a coaching process to meet your needs and work creatively with you on funding options to try to help make the partnership possible.


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